SBS [내그녀] - 시우(엘) 솔로 데뷔 안무영상

gorgeous L!!!



I’m really disgusted by some of the things Blackjacks have said about Kemy. Some of them are even worse than what Kemy wrote about Bom which basically makes them just as low as she (Kemy) is since we’re all just people only to be judged and criticized for better or worse by the things we do.

well, you have to understand some of these blackjacks are the same age as K, so please please be as toleratn towards them


dearly missed


dearly missed


diss raps are diss raps there is a fucking reason why they are called that. calm down and sit on a pointy cactus. she isn’t the only krapper that has done diss rap, thousands have done them. diss raps are in the nature of rapping/hip-hop lifestyle. if you don’t like diss raps don’t listen to just how it is and its been like that for a long time before koreans have started rapping. 

yeah, but it’s supposed to be rapper to rapper, dumbass


The best part about this whole Kemy releasing a Park Bom diss track mess is the fact that A.KOR’s whole look and sound screams clearance rack 2NE1, LMAO.


So blackjacks are mad at a diss rap that is true? You are all acting childish and will shit on anyone hating your favs famous or not, but insist that you aren’t acting in such ways, just defending your ‘baes’. But when everyone is shitting on red velvet and coming after our favs and we do the exact same thing we are just being immature childish bitches, etc. Okay. O.K.

who’s red velvet???  0 _ 0

I don’t give a fuck what Kemy did. Ben Baller needs to take his old ass some where. What kind of grown ass man says shit like that to a child? He needs to stop trying to seem young by clinging to the YG family.

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the child kind of asked for it, no??



Protect Bom from fame seeking disgusting people and their agencies



All I gotta say is that I’m glad that A.Kor isn’t coming to Kcon cuz American Blackjacks would tear Kemy’s ignorant ass to shreds. 

I sooo concur!!